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SF Chronicle - ‘Feels like a betrayal’: Stanford alums shocked by sport cuts are fighting back

Ann Killion, award-winning columnist and NY Times Best Selling author, covers the lack of transparency around Stanford Athletic's growing expenses.

Supporters who have combed through the numbers are far more concerned about how 40% of the department’s expenses were unallocated — not attributed to specific teams. They say those are the result of a bloated infrastructure, one that has grown exponentially under Muir, who became athletic director in 2012. Only Colorado (45%) and USC (42%) had a higher percentage of unallocated expenses in 2019 among Pac-12 Conference schools.

“Unlike a for-profit business, Stanford athletics’ mission shouldn’t be to generate money,” Evans said. “The structure should look more like a nonprofit. If I ran my business the way Stanford is running its, my board would fire me.”

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