• Save Stanford Mens Volleyball

Support from 3X NCAA Champion Morgan Hentz

Thank you Morgan! The support from you and the rest of @stanfordwvb means a lot! Let’s Keep Fighting!

"In light of Stanford's heart-breaking decision to cut 11 sports, I'd like to share how the Stanford Men's Volleyball team has impacted me...

After our indoor season ended, I was searching for opportunities to continue training. Stanford Men's Volleyball graciously extended a helping hand and allowed me to come in their gym. Initially, I was nervous to play with the team; however, that quickly changed. The staff and players welcomed me with open arms from day one. Whether it was Jaylen offering to pepper with me or Justin giving words of encouragement and high fives in serve receive, everyone was extremely accepting! Playing with the men's team challenged and pushed me to get better in new and unique ways. I feel so grateful that I was able to learn, grow, and compete with the very best.

However, my biggest takeaway from this incredible opportunity was the outpouring of kindness and support the team and the coaching staff showed me. The driven, passionate, and intelligent members of Stanford Men's Volleyball have built an amazing culture and environment that reflects what it means to be selfless friends, teammates, and a family. I am more than thankful to have had the privilege and honor of being welcomed into their family. Stanford Men's Volleyball has provided me with some awesome friends and reminded me why the sport of volleyball can be so amazing.

I cannot imagine Stanford without a Stanford Men's Volleyball program. It's devastating to see these student athletes deprived of their second family, the opportunity to experience tremendous growth on and off the court, and a chance to live out their dreams!

Please, show your support and help save Stanford Men's Volleyball!!!

- Morgan Hentz, Stanford Women's Volleyball ('16-'19)"

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